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Quality Control
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QC Profile

We have not only won unanimous recognition from customers in the Chinese market, but also received unanimous praise from customers in foreign markets. Where does customer recognition come from? Our quality and service, of course, depend on reliable prices.

We have a strict quality management system:

Before trading:
1. Before working with customers, our professional sales staff must first determine what the customer's product is, the surface roughness, and what type of protective film should be selected.
2. Customers send samples or provide photos, after our technical department carries out the test, the data is submitted to the production department, and the production department performs proofing production.
3. Mail our samples to customers for testing to see if they meet the customers' requirements for viscosity and quality.
4. Test and adjust according to the customer's special requirements until it fully meets the customer's needs.

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In the order:
1. We strictly use brand new raw materials for production to ensure product quality.
2. Our operating staff have more than 10 years of work experience.
3. At the end of each step, different inspectors sample and test different batches.
4. After the finished product is produced, our inspectors will conduct sample tests again.
5. High-demand packaging to ensure that the goods will remain intact after reaching the customer.

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After order:
1. After the customer picks up the goods, we will follow up the customer's receipt, whether it is intact
2. Track the customer's usage, whether there are quality problems due to our problems.

Our quality is completely within the controllable range, and we are committed to solving different problems for customers while ensuring quality and price.


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